Elbert County Couple Honored for Land Donation for Elbert County Airport

September 12, 2012

Commissioner Chairman Tommy Lyon Delivers the Resolution during Monday’s regular meeting.

During Monday’s Elbert County Board of Commissioners meeting, two life long citizens of Elbert County were honored with a resolution from Elbert County, for their donation of land for the construction of Elbert County’s Airport.

Elbert County Commissioner Chairman Tommy Lyon delivered the resolution.

“In recognition of their support and love of Elbert County and its’ citizens, as evidence by the generosity of donating the land upon which the Elbert County Airport was constructed”, said Chairman Lyon. “The Board of Commissioners of Elbert County do recognize and thank Jeane and Crayton Phelps in gratitude for their love, vision, and foresight for Elbert County and its’ citizens.”

The couple donated the land to make the airport a reality back on November 10th, 1962. The construction of the airport began shortly afterwards, and was completed and officially opened nearly two years later on October 27th, 1964.

Coming up on September 20th at 5:00pm, there will be a ribbon cutting and dedication at the Elbert County Airport. The terminal building at the airfield will be named in honor of Jeane and Crayton Phelps for their generous donation to the county.