Elbert County Development Authority Continues to Focus on Getting Land “Site Ready”

October 9, 2013

After recently attending the 50th Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Conference, Elbert County’s Development Authority Executive Director Beth Eavenson is looking to apply some new knowledge to efforts here in the county.

Eavenson explains the purpose and opportunities offered by the yearly gathering.

“It’s a chance for economic developers from around the state to talk about the issues in economic development”, said Eavenson. “Such as talking about the challenges, the triumphs, and what are the opportunities out there. You also get to hear from some really good speakers at the conference.”

One area that really offered some insight for Elbert County, according to Eavenson, was a presentation on having a location “site ready”, which means a tract of land is ready for construction.

She says having a location “site ready” is the next best thing to offer if a vacant building is not available.

“They want to see land that has been developed or a vacant building, and that is one thing the development authority is working on, is having that site that is ready that we can market to prospects and project managers”, she said. “We want them to know we have this available, and that we would be willing to work with companies if they choose to locate here, which we hope they do.

Having a site ready for construction dramatically reduces the amount of time a prospect requires to be operational, as opposed to having to clear and level the land themselves.

Currently efforts are underway by the Development Authority of Elbert County, Elberton, and Bowman to have a parcel of land “site ready” in the Elberton Industrial Park.