Elbert County Drought Status Set to See Improvement

February 5, 2013

Its good news for Elbert County and northeast Georgia, as drought conditions are forecast to see some improvement after last week’s soaking rains.

State Climatologist and Meteorologist Bill Murphey says that Elbert County is nearly on track in regards to receiving its normal rainfall in the past ninety days.

“It looks like it is around 90 -95% of normal especially on the southern half of the county. If you look as far as departure for normal, it is only about an inch below the average amount”, said Murphey. “So, that is some good news.”

He says that the updated drought monitor should show an improvement in Elbert County.

In terms of upcoming weather on the horizon, Murphey says that things are looking fairly calm in the foreseeable future.

“I don’t see anything really on the horizon precipitation wise”, explained Murphey. “Looks like we are going to work into a high pressure system sitting over us, which should keep things calm in the short range forecast.”

The current weather pattern is still very active and very progressive, and Murphey still expects some temperature swings that are common due to being in a neutral pattern.