Elbert County EMS in Process of Changing Patient Transportation Policy

November 8, 2013

A change is in the works by the Elbert County EMS Department about how to deal with patient transportation.

The new policy that is being discussed will address some issues with patient transport; more notably it will focus solely on prevent abuse of the services offered by Elbert County EMS.

According to Elbert County EMS Director Chuck Almond, a particular patient, who was not named, has constantly requested transport to different medical facilities numerous times.

Speaking at yesterday evening’s Elbert County Board of Commissioners work session, Almond said that a majority of people will not be impacted by the changes.

“Its not going to change us taking patients to the place of their choice when they need to go, but when someone has requested it so many times, as the District Attorney’s office called it a ‘frivolous’ situation”, said Almond. “We are going to adopt that once they get to that point, we are not going to continue to do that, but we will get them to a medical facility that can take care of them based on a medical assessment.”

He explains how those who constantly try and abuse the system will be handled.

“We’re going to do a true assessment and document according to the treatment protocols that our license operates on, and if the nearest facility can hand them, then that is where we are going to take them”, explained Almond.

Elbert County Attorney Bill Daughtry added, if evidence of abuse has been obtained, then doctors at Elbert Memorial will direct the patient to the appropriate medical facility.

“Any citizen can choose Athens, Lavonia, or Anderson, but once we have evidence of abuse, and twice a week is abuse, they will go to Elbert Memorial and the doctors there will direct them to where they go next”, said Daughtry.

Almond said that the new policy should go into effect around the first of December.