Elbert County Hangs in There and Staves Off Drought Status Once Again

April 10, 2014

Heavy rains in Elbert County and across the state help our area stave off drought classification of any kind.

While not in dire need of rainfall, Elbert County, according to State Climatologist Bill Murphey, was beginning to lean towards the dryer side of things before the early part of this week.

Murphey says the storm front that moved through was very beneficial for the state as a whole.

“Really the whole state was kind of lucky when you sum it all up. A lot of areas of two to four inches were reported widespread, which was really good for this kind of system”, said Murphey.

In the Northeast Georgia area, just over two inches of rainfall were reported in a majority of the counties.

Currently Elbert County has reported 12.99” of rainfall year to date, which is about 1.3” below average, says Murphey.

With this week’s storms some severe weather broke out, and Murphey says that is something we can expect to continue until the air begins to stabilize in the summer months.

“The spring transition is when you do get severe weather every now and then, so we’ll just kind of keep a lookout on that for the next few weeks”, said Murphey. “Because we still have to get through April and part of May before we start diving into the higher temps, and the weather pattern will begin to settle down.”

Back on the topic of drought status, Murphey says he expects a majority of the state to have their “abnormally dry” status removed when the next drought monitor report comes out.