Elbert County JROTC Fundraiser Winners Revealed

December 7, 2012

The winners are in for the Elbert County Comprehensive High School’s JROTC Raider Team fundraiser.

The fundraiser is a raffle, in which there will be three winners. The grand prize is a fifty foot slab of granite, which is valued at $3,500 and is available in three different colors; it can be used in any way the winner chooses. Second prize is a $300 cash prize, and third prize is a $200 cash prize.

The third place winner is Marlow Brown, second place goes to Jeff Williams, and the grand prize winner for the fundraiser is Kevin Lewis.

To claim the prizes, you can head over to the ROTC Building at the high school, or you can contact the radio station at (706) 213-1051 and we will put you in contact with Raider Team Coach Master Sergeant Al Homer.