Elbert County Maintains Strong Surplus of Rainfall

July 5, 2013

Ever since being cleared of any form of drought status back in early May of this year, Elbert County has maintained that drought free status and then some.

State Climatologist and Meteorologist Bill Murphey says that the month of June was a strong month for rainfall in Elbert County.

“For the month this area has picked up about six to seven inches for the entire month, and that is about two to three inches above normal”, said Murphey.

More long term data shows that over the last ninety days, Elbert County has received between fifteen and twenty inches of rain, which is 150% to 200% about normal amounts for our area.

Year to date numbers show that the northern half of Elbert County is maintaining a surplus amount of rainfall in the amount of eight to twelve inches, and the southern part of the county is at four to six inches.

Murphey says that is very encouraging data for our area.

“That is a good surplus of rainfall for the area and counties further north”, said Murphey. “This has helped a lot of the ponds, reservoirs, and the stream flows, which are doing a lot better.”

Some encouraging news for those who may be sick of the rain, as Murphey says things should begin to dry out in the Northeast Georgia area over the weekend.