Elbert County Man Arrested on Theft by Deception Charges

February 14, 2013

An Elbert County man has been arrested on burglary and theft by deception charges.

The thefts all occurred at a home off of Calhoun Fall Highway from the end of January towards the early days of February.

Arrested was Shannon Higginbotham, who had been pawning several stolen items according to Elbert County Sheriff Melvin Andrews.

“Upon investigation that Shannon Higginbotham had take several guns from this residence and vehicles at this residence and pawned them”, said Sheriff Andrews.

Higginbotham has been charged with one count of burglary, three counts of entering auto, and six counts of theft by deception.

The Elbert County Sheriff’s Office has recovered some of the stolen items, but more stolen property may still be out there.

Higginbotham had stolen several thousand dollars worth of property during the previously mentioned time frame.

The case is still considered to be under investigation by the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office.