Elbert County Man Facing Two Felony Charges After Strange Incident Wednesday Morning

August 19, 2013
Phillip Daniel Rhodes

Phillip Daniel Rhodes

An Elbert County man is facing a pair of felony charges after being arrested in the early morning hours on Wednesday.

Officers with the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office received a call around 6:00am Wednesday morning from an Elbert County business about a suspicious person.

When deputies arrived on scene they noticed a man asleep beside the wall of the business.

The man was woke up and searched by deputies.

“Officers asked him to stand up and patted him down; officers found several baggies with a residue in them, one of them contained more than a user quantity of a controlled substance”, said Investigator Darren Scarborough with the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office. “The substance did field test positive for methamphetamine.”

Scarborough said that 31-year-old Phillip Daniel Rhodes of an Elbert County address was then placed under arrest.

Scarborough says deputies noticed a four-wheeler parked next to the building that the business owner said was not theirs.

The four-wheeler was towed away and the VIN numbers were run, and it was discovered the ATV was stolen out of Madison County.

After being placed under arrest Rhodes was charged with Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute and Felony Theft by Receiving Stolen Property.

Scarborough thanked the night shift deputies and Madison County Sheriff’s Office for their hard work on this case.

“Would like to thank our night shift guys for working so hard, those guys to a great job protecting the citizens of Elbert County”, said Scarborough. “Want to also thank Madison County, we have worked with them closely since the first of the year, and will continue to do so.”

Rhodes was transported to the Elbert County Detention Center after his arrest, and was later released on bond.