Elbert County School Board Approves Third Year of 21st Century Grant

August 22, 2012

During Monday’s Elbert County Board of Education meeting the board decided to move forward with participating in the third and final year of the 21st Century Grant after school program.

This year will be the third and final year that the program will be held at the Elbert County Middle School. Elbert County School Superintendent Rick Higginbotham details what the program covers.

“Eligible students will receive additional services in Math, English and Language Arts, homework support, enrichment, and recreational activities.” said Higginbotham. “The primary focus will be math foundational skills as this areas has previous been identified as an academic weakness for students.”

The grant has contributed just over one million dollars of federal money to the after school program. The board did not have to use any of its own money to fund the program. The grant can cover up to two hundred students, but normally sees about 125 students utilize the after school program.

In order for the school board to receive the grant funds, they had to approve a motion to implement the third year of the 21st Century Grant Program, which they did with a unanimous vote.

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