State House Candidate Vogel tells Elbert County BOE Millage Hike a “Christian Imperative”

September 18, 2012

More talk about millage rates took place at yesterday evening’s Elbert County Board of Education meeting. Georgia State Representative hopeful David Vogel.

“It seems like the Christian thing for you to do would be to help spread that pain. You are not at the top of your millage rate. You could save this school system by saving its teachers, and spreading the pain around instead of firing teachers”, addressed Vogel to the School Board. “I would say that is not only the Christian thing to do, but a Christian imperative, and if I hear those of you who voted for the closure of the Bowman school saying that you can not change your minds about this. I will have to tell your children that Christianity has its evil side.”

Vogel, a Madison County resident, is running on the Democratic ticket against Republican Incumbent Tom McCall for Georgia’s District 30 State Representative Seat in November’s General Election. McCall told WSGC that he had no reaction to Vogel’s statement to the school board made last night.