Elbert County Sheriff Candidates Debate at Last Night’s Political Forum

October 5, 2012

Sheriff Hopeful Melvin Andrews at the podium

Our coverage continues this morning of yesterday’s political forum, which was presented by the Elberton Star, the Elbert County Chamber of Commerce, and WSGC radio.

The next candidates that spoke were the two running for Elbert County Sheriff, which included Republican Incumbent Barry Haston, and his challenger, Democratic Candidate Melvin Andrews.

During his opening statement Andrews came out firing, stating that the unsolved murder rate is way too high for a county the size of Elbert County.

“Unsolved murders in Elbert County rank among the highest in the state of Georgia. I know of nine in Elbert County; it is not something we need to be known for”, said Andrews. “I will have investigators trained in cold case investigations, and I will work with all agencies.”

Sheriff Barry Haston had a chance to address that statement, and said that the number is no where near nine.

“We haven’t got nine unsolved murders in Elbert County. The county has two, one under my administration, and one from the administration before mine. The city of Elberton has one as well. There is not nine unsolved murders, don’t even think that there is nine”, stated Haston.

Andrews also stated the smuggling of drugs into Elbert County is a major issue, and he said that he would do everything in his power to take down the supplier.

Sheriff Haston at the podium during his opening statement

Sheriff Haston responded by saying he felt that his office has cracked down on drugs being smuggled into the county, and that drugs for the most part are under control.

This election year will be the fourth time that Barry Haston and Melvin Andrews have been opponents heading into the November General Election.