Elbert County Sheriff Urges Parents to Take Caution Tonight

October 31, 2012

As trick or treaters and their families prepare to hit the town and the community looking for treats, the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office asks that parents and the community be extra vigilant and cautious.

Elbert County Sheriff Barry Haston had some safety tips to offer to parents with trick or treaters.

“Please wear brightly colored clothes and trick or treat in neighborhoods you are familiar with”, said Haston. “A lot of the churches will be giving out candy on Halloween night, so just stick to the safe places and be careful.”

Sheriff Haston also wanted to caution parents to be informed about where registered sex offenders reside in our county and city.

To view the location of all the registered sex offenders in Elbert County, you can visit www.elbertcosheriff.com where a complete listing and address map can be viewed.