Elbert County Sheriff’s Office Enforcing ‘Stop Means Stop’

August 23, 2012

This week the Elbert County Sheriff’s Department, as well as the Elberton Police Department, has been enforcing the ‘Stop Means Stop’ Campaign.

The campaign was the brainchild of the Georgia State Board of Education, and is sponsored by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. Elbert County Sheriff Barry Haston explains how his department is enforcing the Campaign.

“The deputies are following school buses here in the afternoons to make sure no one is passing a stopped school bus to protect the kids. It has been working well, and we are doing it all week this week.” said Haston.

The ‘Stop Means Stop’ Initiative will end on Friday, but that does not mean that law enforcement will stop focusing on stop arm violations said Sheriff Haston.

Haston points out the main problem when it comes to drivers stopping for school buses.

“The big problem you have is on a five lane highway like Elbert Street.” Haston said. “People in the opposite direction don’t think that they have to stop since the turning lane is there, but unless there is a physical median blocking the two areas, you have to stop both way.”

Motorists who are hit with a Stop Arm Violation can expect up to six penalty points added to their license, a hefty fine, and an increase in car insurance premiums.