Elbert County Teachers of the Year Recognized at School Board Meeting

October 23, 2012

Teacher of the year awards were handed out last night at the Elbert County Board of Education’s regular monthly meeting.

Elbert County Primary teacher Debbie Jameson was chosen as the over all Teacher of the year for Elbert County. Jameson said it’s been a privilege working with her fellow teachers and children for the past 30 years.

“I was very surprised when the announcement was made, and I feel very honored that my colleagues voted for me at my school, and that I was chosen as the county teacher of the year”, said Jameson. “It’s been a privilege to serve over the last thirty years with the teachers I have been working with to serve our children.”

Teacher of the year award winners for each respective school were Kelly Macris for Blackwell Learning Center, Shanda Martin with Elbert County Elementary, Donna Maxey for Elbert County Middle School, and Laura Westmoreland for Elbert County High School.