Elbert County to Become 76th County to Join Keep Georgia Beautiful Organization

April 5, 2013

Elbert County is one step closer to becoming an affiliate of the Keep America Beautiful (KAB) and Keep Georgia Beautiful (KGB) organizations.

Yesterday evening, KGB representative Sarah Visser talked to the Elbert County Board of Commissioners about the organization.

She said that the primary focus of the program is going to be on the local level.

Everything we do is locally driven, so KAB and KGB have a variety of program you can choose to be involved in, and we have a lot of technical assistance that we offer, but its all driven by what your community wants to work on”, said Visser. “I think that’s something that makes it a really nice fit.”

Visser continued and said that they will focus more on litter prevention, as opposed to hitting the roads every day to pick-up trash.

She said that most other affiliates have averaged about a 48% decrease in littering after three years of joining the Keep Georgia Beautiful program.

Towards the end of the presentation, Elbert County Commissioner Horace Harper said in just three days a total of 182 bags of trash were picked up along a few county roads.

“On Monday they picked up 62 bags of trash from Mineral Springs, on Tuesday they picked up 53 bags on Jones Ferry Road”, said Harper. “ On Wednesday they picked up 12 bags on Allen Circle, Thornton Drive they got 11 bags, and on Mill Street they picked up 44 bags, for a total of 182 bags in three days.”

He says this now an issue that has the full attention of the Elbert County Board of Commissioners.

“The commissioners have stepped up now, and we want to help clean our county up”, said Harper. “We want to make it look better, and we want to clean up this trash.”

Elbert County will become the 76th county to become an affiliate of the Keep Georgia Beautiful organization once the certification is complete.