Elbert County Unable to Meet DA’s Budget Request

June 11, 2013

As expected, Northern Judicial Circuit District Attorney Parks White went before the Elbert County Board of Commissioners in regards to his Fiscal Year 2014 Budget.

White requested twenty thousand dollars from the county, which was double the budgeted amount of ten thousand dollars by the commissioners.

Elbert County Commission Chair Tommy Lyon stated that a number of different issues have made it a challenge for the county to even balance its budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

“We’ve not given our employees a raise in over five years; we have cut their retirement by nearly 50%, we’ve had to increase the amount the employees pay for insurance and their deductible”, said Lyon. “Our tax digest has gone down four years in a row, we’ve lost both SPLOST and LOST because our sales our down about 10%.”

White commented and feels that the amount he has requested is necessary just for his office to properly function.

“I’m disappointed to hear that, but what I am asking is actually what it would take to function”, said White. “As I set forth, this isn’t exorbitant by any stretch, we’re doing everything we can at every turn.”

Lyon said that if the county can somehow find the money then they would be happy to give White his requested amount.

No vote was taken yesterday evening on whether or not to approve the twenty thousand dollar request for the District Attorney’s budget.