Elbert County Voter Turnout Similar to 2008 Election Numbers

November 8, 2012

The voter turnout numbers in Elbert County are in, and show a very strong turnout by Elbert County voters.

Elbert County Probate Judge Elect Stephanie Hewell breaks down some of the turnout numbers.

“Overall Elbert County had a 73.38% turnout”, detailed Hewell. “The Elberton Precinct had our lowest turnout with 69.91%, and Wyche had our highest precinct turnout which was 79.29%.

Hewell said that overall, the office was satisfied with the amount of active registered voters who cast ballots.

“The overall turnout was very similar to what we had four years ago during the last Presidential Election, in which we had a 74% voter turnout. We were pleased with the turnout of voters, but as always, we would have liked for more to have turned out”, said Hewell.

Another interesting statistic, of the 73.38% total voter turnout, 43.09% cast their ballots during the early voting period, which means that actual in person voting on election day came in at 30.27%.