Elbert County Voters Have to Chance to Vote Tomorrow

October 26, 2012

The Elbert County Registrar’s Office will be holding a Saturday Early Vote day for Elbert County Voters.

Chief Registrar Charlotte Ward said that Saturday early voting days were implemented to help out smaller counties in the state.

The reason they came up with a Saturday vote, is because we used to have a 45 day early vote, and 45 day early vote was just too much for small counties like Elbert County”, said Ward. “It was really a waste of money, so they came up with a Saturday vote, which allows those who work 9-5 jobs and work out of town a chance to come in and vote.

As Ward mentioned earlier, polls will open Saturday at 9:00am, and will remain open until 4:00pm that afternoon. After Saturday’s early vote, there will only be one week remaining in the early voting portion of the November General Election.

Early voting on Saturday works just like early voting in the week days; a government approved photo ID is required before a ballot can be cast.

For any questions or concerns about early voting, contact the Elbert County Registrar’s Office at (706) 283-2012.