Elbert County Waiting to Receive LMIG Funds for 2013

December 19, 2012

The waiting game is on, as Elbert County awaits its check from the Georgia Department of Transportation for the 2013 Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant, also known as LMIG.

The LMIG program is the Georgia DOT’s new funding initiative for local governing bodies. Elbert County Administrator Bob Thomas details how the new program works.

“They will send us a check back for an allotment based on population and the miles of road in our county”, said Thomas. “We have to match that by 30% since the T-SPLOST did not pass back in July.”

Initial cost estimates of the list that the county submitted exceeded the amount projected to be sent back to the county. So Thomas said that there are ways to cut down on costs, so more roads can be improved.

“What we have over the last year is what we call spot patching, in other words, we would mark off the worst parts of the roads and just resurface those parts”, said Thomas. “That way you get another five to seven years life out of the road before you have to come back and resurface the whole thing.”

Currently, only two roads are expected to receive full re-surfacing, but Thomas said the commissioners will look over everything again, once the check arrives.

“We’ll take another look at it once the check comes back in. It depends on the price of fuel because there are so many petroleum products in asphalt, and it depends on where that price comes in to see how much we can actually pave”, said Thomas.

Elbert County is expected, after a 30% match by the county, to receive roughly $590,000. Thomas says that they expect the check to arrive in mid to late January.