Elbert County’s DeltAlert System Test Shows Positive Results

January 17, 2013

The Elbert County Emergency Management Agency recently conducted a test of its new DeltAlert system.

“Our test for our emergency notification system went extremely well”, said Almond. “We had 6,185 contacts in our system, and we were able to contact 4,981 which is 81% of the contacts that were in our system.”

Elbert County EMS Director Chuck Almond said it took the system just under fifty minutes to contact the six thousand plus on the list this past Friday.

As for the eighty-one percent successful contact number, Almond said he was very pleased with such a high number.

“81%, especially mid-day, there are some folks who are working on jobs that don’t have access to a phone, especially if it called their home address”, explained Almond. “Overall we were extremely pleased with our system.”

The new system will be able to notify residents of important information, and can also be used to target people who live in specific areas.

To be apart of the DeltAlert system you can visit www.elbertcoes.org and click the DeltAlert Logo, and you can also call Elbert County EMA and sign up over the phone at (706) 283-2003.