Elbert County’s Drought Situation Continues to See Improvement

April 18, 2013

The rainfall received in Elbert and surrounding counties yesterday and late last week, continued to help our area’s battle with the drought.

The county has received roughly two inches of beneficial rain over the last seven days, and State Climatologist and Meteorologist Bill Murphey says the rain has had an impact on the drought monitor.

“We were able to get rid of some of that D1, and now just the southern part of the county is in D0, which is abnormally dry”, said Murphey. “The good news is that overall we were able to get rid of some more of that D1, moderate drought area across the county and the state.”

More rainfall will more than likely occur as soon as tomorrow said Murphey.

“We got another one coming in after midnight Friday to come in through northwest Georgia, and it should be getting out of here by Friday afternoon or Friday evening”, said Murphey.

With the upcoming storm system lies the potential for some severe weather, Murphey however, says a lot of that will have to do with what time of day the storm moves through.

“Currently I don’t see as much instability with this system as we did with the last one. So as long as we don’t get highly unstable we should be in good shape”, said Murphey.

He says to not expect more than an inch or so of rain from this system as it will move through Georgia fairly quickly.

Even more rain is expected looking further ahead, as Murphey said that another system could make its way into Georgia around the mid point of next week.