Elbert County’s Drought Status Continues to Improve

February 15, 2013

Drought conditions have been improving in Elbert County and in northeast Georgia over the last couple of months.

Recent seven day rainfall observations report Elbert County in the two to three inches of rain category.

State Climatologist and Meteorologist Bill Murphey said that Elbert County is actually showing a rainfall surplus over the past ninety days.

He says things are also getting back on track in the long term reports as well.

“In the past 180 days the northern part is nearly normal rainfall wise, but the southern part still shows a slight of deficit of two to five inches, so they could still use a little bit more rainfall”, said Murphey.

Even more good news as Murphey says the next chance of rain is not that far off.

“We have one coming in around Monday or Tuesday of next week, as well as another system coming in later next week”, explained Murphey. “So I would expect to get some shots at rainfall in that time frame.”

Many in the southeast remember how warm and dry last winter was, but with that in mind, winter this year has been much better.

“This year we have done better though, just because we are starting to pick up more this month”, said Murphey. “This past system was a real good recharge as far as helping us with groundwater and in stream flows.”

Murphey says that groundwater tables are starting to show signs of improvement, which he said was a sight for sore eyes on his normal reports.