Elbert County’s Litter Problem Discussed More During Regular Meeting

February 12, 2013

Bob Thomas displays signs that the county plans on posting across the county.

Trash talk remained the focus during last night’s Elbert County Board of Commissioners meeting, as discussion about the county’s litter problem continued.

Elbert County Administrator Bob Thomas expressed interest in the commissioners going back over the county’s property maintenance codes to find better ways to help keep the county clean.

On the topic, Commissioner Horace Harper talked about the commission’s plan to place numerous signs up all over the county; warning of a five hundred dollar fine for those caught littering.

He says that if the county can make an example out of a few litterers that it could help alleviate the problem to a degree.

“We’ve got some roads and highways that’s being littered everyday, and we are going to try and do something about it”, said Harper. “I think if we have a few people that get caught, that we are going to do a lot toward cleaning up our roads and our highways.”

Commissioner Harold Reynolds also offered input on the situation, and said that there might be another avenue the county can explore to help solve this issue.

“I wish we would get some citizens together to form a recycling committee to encourage recycling in Elbert County”, said Reynolds. “That will take care a lot of the trash problems that we are having. Plus we could make some money off of it too.”

More discussion on a possible recycling committee will take place at a later time.

In the short term, to help clean up the litter, the county will utilize another female cleaning crew from Whitworth Detention Center consisting of five or six inmates.

Also, local crews doing community service will be operating twice a week to pick up trash along county roads as well.