Elbert Falls to Rival Hart County

October 26, 2012

Your Elbert county Blue Devils fail to rivalsHartCountyon Friday. The Blue Devils were held scoreless in the 6-0 loss. The Devils just could not get going offensively due to lingering injuries to quarterback Mecole Hardman and running back Tyshon Dye.

Elbert received the opening kick off and the offense would start strong with a 1st down run from K’taro Cade. However, the good start would be short lived as they would be forced to punt. With 5:30 left in the 1st quarter the Bulldogs would tack on their first field goal to take the score to 3-0.

The rest of the first half would be a lot of back and forth punts. Elbert would have a total of 33 yards and Hart would have a total of 40 going into halftime.

The second half would see Hart County controlling the ball for the majority of the half. Elbert would recover a fumble but not be able to take advantage as they would turn the ball over with a fumble of their own. Hart would hold the ball through the rest of the 3rd and into the 4th quarter with a 19 play drive which would end in another field for the Bulldogs. That would take the score to 6-0.

Elbert would never be able to get the offense rolling and could not find their way into the endzone. Your final score on Senior Night in the Granite Bowl would be Hart 6 Elbert 0.