Elbert Memorial’s “Renovate a Room” Campaign Complete

November 29, 2012

After over four years of hard work, the Elbert Memorial Hospital’s “Renovate a Room” campaign is finally complete.

Construction on the final four rooms began in late September, and was completed on November 13th. Executive Director of the Foundation Nancy Seymour said it’s a dream that has come to fruition.

“It feels great! This is the last phase of the renovate a room campaign completed. We started in 2008 with the goal of renovating twenty-five rooms”, said Seymour, “and this is a complete of a dream, and we are very proud to show off these new rooms.”

Seymour said that the foundation is very grateful for the support of the community, and of those who donated to the campaign.

“In four years we raised over $550,000; which was the goal in renovating the twenty-five rooms”, stated Seymour. “We are extremely appreciative of the community, individuals, and businesses who supported our numerous fundraisers to support this renovate a room campaign.”

The construction cost of the final four rooms was just over one hundred and twenty-seven thousand dollars. All of the renovations on the twenty-five rooms were handled by Brady Builders Incorporated.