Elberton City Council Approve Urban Redevelopment Plan

September 12, 2012

The City of Elberton has been working in conjunction with City Officials, Members of the Downtown Development Authority, Members from the Housing Authority, and Member of the Economic Development Authority to come up with an Urban Redevelopment Plan.

All of the work put into developing the plan came to fruition, as it was adopted during Monday’s Elberton City Council meeting. Elberton City Manager Lanier Dunn explains what the Urban Redevelopment Plan is.

“It allows cities and counties to have a roadmap of how you would make improvements to areas of the community. We identified two commercial areas, and three residential areas to include into our plan”, said Dunn.

The Urban Redevelopment plan would promote business growth in the commercial areas, and would also allow the city to improve the appearance of the residential areas that are highlighted in the plan said Dunn.

A motion was made during the council’s regular monthly meeting to adopt the Urban Redevelopment plan, and the council unanimously approved the plan with a 5-0 vote.

A copy of the plan is available at Elberton City Hall. If anyone has questions about the plan, you can contact Lanier Dunn at (706) 213-3100.