Elberton City Council Approves a Pair of Resolutions

April 8, 2014

The Elberton City Council approved two resolutions yesterday evening, and placed a new ordinance on first reading.

A slight change was made to a resolution in which the city would accept a donation of .34 acres of land and quit claim an adjacent .207 acres.

New language which read as “and as additional consideration the City shall have the permanent right of access to enter and exit upon and across the property for the purpose of maintaining and repairing the sewer line located within the easement”.

Following the addition of that language, the resolution was passed unanimously.

The council also approved another resolution to authorize the execution of the supplemental contract for the Gas Portfolio IV project with MGAG.

That resolution also passed with a unanimous vote.

Finally, the council placed Ordinance 2183 on first reading, which is an ordinance to amend the comprehensive zoning map.