Elberton City Council Discuss Implementation of Excise Tax

October 2, 2012

Yesterday evening was the city of Elberton’s turn to begin talking about how to approach the Excise Tax on Energy.

During the speakers from the floor portion of the meeting, Elberton City Councilman Troy Colquitt read a letter he received from an Elberton resident in which topic focused on the implementation of the Excise Tax.

Previously the State of Georgia charged a full seven percent sales tax on energy used by industry or manufacturers in the state. With the passing of legislation in the Georgia House and Senate, it knocked the number down to one percent.

The Excise Tax allows local governments, should they choose, to recoup up to two percent in local tax revenue to make up for the loss.

The letter referenced the negative impact that the tax would have on the granite industry, which according to the letter, is the lifeblood of Elberton. Councilman Colquitt explained that the priority needs to shift to education.

“We gotta discuss this further, but my feeling on what he said about the lifeblood is this, the life blood is our future youth that we are neglecting in education and a lot of other areas”, expressed Councilman Colquitt. “We need to collect what we can collect to fund these programs for our future youth, and that is where our lifeblood lies.”

Even if the Excise Tax is implemented by the city, industries within the city limits will still be paying less than they did previously. The Excise Tax and tax break only apply to manufacturers and industries. Residential citizens and business owners will continue to pay the seven percent on energy used.