Elberton City Council Moving Forwad with Mill Street Property Petition

June 5, 2013

The Elberton City Council is moving forward with plans to file a petition on the Old Hawes Facility located off of Mill Street in Elberton under the dilapidated building code.

A sale of the property was recently approved by the Elbert County Board of Education during its regular meeting back on May 20th in the amount of one dollar to the Granite City Life Skill Foundation.

The Elberton City Council, wanting to deal with a viable entity in regards to the property, discussed the possibility of filing an injunction to stop that sale during the council’s regular meeting on Monday, which according to City Attorney Chris Phelps had not been recorded as of Monday’s council meeting.

Phelps says that it would be ideal to avoid the injunction process, and just continue with the petition process.

“One of the bases for any application for an injunction to be sustained is that it’s a danger to the public health, or would cause public harm or something like that”, explained Phelps. “I guess the question that the city has to answer is if we have the right to go in and do what we want to do then why do we need the sale enjoined, and why don’t we just go in and do what we need to do. I know the answer to that is because we want someone solvent standing behind the property.”

Another issue that was brought to the council’s attention by Phelps is that the Granite City Life Skill Foundation has been administratively dissolved by the Georgia Secretary of State for the failure to file reports.

Phelps mentioned that he would notify the Elbert County Board of Education’s attorneys of the information regarding the Granite City Life Skill Foundation.