Elberton City Officials Lay Out Their Expectations for Next Five Years

March 25, 2013

The Elberton City Council along with several other city department heads and members met this past Saturday for the city’s annual planning session.

At the beginning of the meeting, Elberton Mayor Larry Guest suggested that everyone go around the room and talk about what they wanted to see Elberton accomplish over the next five years.

Councilman Bob Paul said one thing he would like to see is some more growth in Elberton.

“I just hope that the city will grow, over the next five years I would like to see population increase, and that we would also improve our financial standing”, said Paul.

Councilman Carey Butler said he feels good about the personnel employed by the city, and that they can help achieve the goals of the city.

“I would like to say that we don’t get the opportunity very often to see you guys as a group and appreciate what y’all do”, said Butler. “I think we have a team in place that can get us there.”

City Manager Lanier Dunn said that the city is going to have to continue staying ahead of the curve on the different economic trends.

“I think over the next five years we are going to have to continue to stay ahead of whatever wave is rocking up against our boat so to speak, and to accomplish all these goals at the same time”, said Dunn.

Mayor Guest spoke last during the introductions, and said that the city has done well in several different areas.

“Even though we have lost a little in population, I think we have grown”, said Mayor Guest. “If you look at our facilites, our walking trail, and the Elbert Theatre; as well as our utilities and the upgrades we have made to our downtown area.”

Guest also mentioned that his goal is to continue to try and bring in more industry, commercial, and retail businesses.

Be sure to tune in all this week as WSGC will go further in depth with our coverage of the city of Elberton’s yearly planning session.