Elberton Council Approves City’s Fiscal Year 2015 Budget

June 17, 2014

The City of Elberton has approved its Fiscal Year 2015 budget.

The approval came at a called meeting held yesterday at Elberton City Hall.

The combined annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year is $33,458,556.

An amount of $4,574,974 makes up the general fund budget, with the combined public utilities system fund budget coming in at $23,412,409 among other line items.

Elberton Mayor Larry Guest commended City Manager Lanier Dunn and his staff for all the hard work put in to compile the FY 15 budget.

“Let me also commend the city manager and staff on preparing the budget, they do a great job every year for us and it used to take a lot of time going through it”, said Mayor Guest. “The city manager has done a great job in condensing information and certainly the information we get is good and I appreciate what you have done.”

Councilmember Troy Colquitt also added some thoughts in regards to the budget.

Colquitt encouraged citizens or groups who need funding to be more proactive in the budget process.

“We’ve passed this budget and usually people want something about a month later, and this is a pretty good size budget”, said Colquitt. “The only thing I can tell them is they need to be here when we go through with this process, because this is a tight budget.”

The Elberton Council unanimously adopted a resolution to adopt the Fiscal Year 2015 budget with a 5-0 vote.