Elberton Idol Finals set to Take the Stage Saturday Night at Elberton 12-County Fair

October 11, 2013

The Elberton 12-County Fair is entering its final weekend of operation this year, and highlighting Saturday will be WSGC’s Elberton Idol Finals.

This year’s competition was split into two different age groups, one for adults and one for the younger crowd.

Finalists in the adult age group include Briane Williams, Lilly Eaves, Celeste Moon, and Diane Lunceford.

In the junior age group Jamee Floyd, Caleigh Hayes, and Cheyanne Shifflet are the finalists.

If you are wondering why there are four adult finalists and only three junior finalists, a tie during the Tuesday night adult semi finals resulted in having a fourth finalist in that age group.

The finals will be held on Saturday, October 12th at the Elbert County fairgrounds, and the singing will begin at 7:00pm that evening.

If you can’t make it to the competition, be sure to tune into 105.3 WSGC that evening to hear the finals live on the air.