Elberton Medical Center Preparing for Launch of New Online Service

March 5, 2014

In five days a new and convenient online service launches via the Elberton Medical Center.

FollowMyHealth is the name of new online tool being implemented by the Elberton Medical Center.

According to Brooke Hall, Practice Manager at the Medical Center, it will provide access to personal health records and lets patients have a proactive role in managing their health.

Hall also says the online portal has several features for patients to explore.

“They can review their medical records in a safe and secure online environment, they can communicate privately with physicians via secure messaging, they can view their test and lab results, and they can also update their health information”, said Hall.

She says you can also request prescription refills, change or schedule an appointment, and view and pay bills online.

The service goes live on March 10th, but has been in the works now for at least the past six months said Hall.

In order to be able to use the portal, patients must request an invitation from the medical center in person, or can request one by calling (706) 283-3315.

After that, an invite will be sent vial email, and after a few quick security questions to verify identity, you will be able to access your records.

Two ways you can utilize this service, one is the website at www.followmyhealth.com and the other is to download the smart phone app from either the Android marketplace or iPhone app store.