Elberton Pharmacy Burgler Charged

December 12, 2012

Elberton Police Investigators have found the man responsible for the November 22nd burglary of the Elberton Pharmacy.

Police Investigator Scott Maurinch said the suspect gained access to the store by using a brick.

Detric Ardister

“In the processing of the scene, it was determined that the unknown offender at the time had taken a large rock or brick and threw it through the front door and entered the store”, said Maurinch. “At this time it is not known if something is missing; its believed that something was missing.”

Police located what appeared to be the suspect’s phone, and with assistance from the GBI, investigators were able to tie the phone to Mr. Detric Raynard Ardister. Maurinch said when questioned about the phone, Ardister couldn’t keep his story straight.

“Mr. Ardister was caught in several lies, and when asked to prove his innocence by giving us the code to the phone, he denied it”, said Maurinch. “He explained that he didn’t have the phone for several months and that he lost it.”

Upon obtaining the code, investigators were able to confirm Mr. Ardister had indeed been in possession of the phone at the time of the burglary.

Ardister, who was already in custody on a family violence charge, will be charged with one count of burglary.