Elberton Police Arrest Man for Selling Marijuana

October 3, 2012

An Elberton man was arrested by Elberton Police officers late last week for selling marijuana.

The man, identified as 25 year old Parece Hall of a Locklin Street residence, was arrested on three outstanding warrants for marijuana sales in a local housing project.

Elberton Police Officer Macon Clark said the case had been worked by Elberton Police Officers and the Piedmont MANS unit.

“We have had several reports of this subject, saying he was supposedly selling marijuana there, and we had also conducted several undercover buys with help from the Piedmont MANS unit”, said Officer Clark. “Just based off of what we already had done as far as our investigation goes, arrest warrants were obtained. Officers then rode through the area and made the arrest.”

According to Officer Clark, this case had been under investigation for a couple of months prior to the arrest being made.