Elberton Police Chief Warns of IRS Related Scam Sweeping through Community

February 28, 2014

Tax season is in full bloom, and about this time of the year, scam artists are out in full force looking to take advantage of unsuspecting people.

It seems that a new phone based scam is beginning to sweep through Elberton as reported by local citizens.

“In reference to a person identifying themselves as law enforcement calling and demanding payment for a past due bill with the Internal Revenue Service”, explained Elberton Police Chief Mark Welsh.

Welsh says that is not how the Internal Revenue Service operates, and that law enforcement does not collect tax money either.

“So if you receive any phone calls from anyone demanding money for any reason over the telephone, I would ignore it”, says Welsh. “Do not attempt to make those payments to anyone.”

He says the IRS will contact you in a more traditional way, usually through the mail.

According to Chief Welsh, the callers seem to be targeting the immigrant population and communities, due in part to some of them not fully understanding how law enforcement works in this country.

Chief Welsh heavily encourages anyone who receives a phone call similar to this one to never give out any financial or personal information.

“Please do not give them credit card numbers or any financial information, and it is our general rule that we try to advise people, please do not give out any information over the phone or anyone that comes and knocks on your door”, said Welsh. “There are traditional ways to handle that, and we would recommend that you follow those ways.”

If you have received a call from a potential scam artist you can report it to your local law enforcement agency, or says Welsh, you can just simply ignore it.