Elberton Residents Express Concern Over Utility Bills Monday Evening

July 9, 2014

More Elberton residents are unhappy about their utility bills.

That was the sentiment when Tonya Turman, who was representing several in attendance Monday evening at the Elberton City Council meeting, addressed the council during the speakers from the floor portion of the meeting.

Turman’s concerns were not about the costs of Elberton utilities, but rather how flexible the company is when it comes to dealing with late bills.

“We understand late fees, everyone has them. Give two weeks for the late fee instead of having an extra fee tacked on there per service on our bill, but if we could have a bit more flexibility in a hard situation instead of making it a worse situation”, expressed Turman.

Elberton Mayor Larry Guest addressed those concerns, stating that the city will work with those struggling, but they have to come up and talk about what to do.

“We’ll work with anybody, as far as I have known we have always worked with everybody, I’ve never not known us to not work with anybody”, said Mayor Guest. “You just got to come up on an individual basis and talk with us, because every case is different.”

Before concluding the speakers from the floor section Monday evening, Mayor Guest suggested that to save money on bills, that cutting off cable and/or Internet services would result in a cheaper monthly bill.