Elberton Sister City Program to Hold 30th Anniversary Celebration in October

August 13, 2012

The Elbert County Sister City Exchange program will be hosting the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the program later in the year.

The Anniversary Celebrations are when the adults instead of students make the trip over to visit. Tom Evans, who is with the Sister City Exchange Program, describes what the travelers from Japan will do during their brief stay in Elbert County.

“We will see sights like we do with the students, and we will also attend a Blue Devil Football game. Hopefully the group before the game or during the game will be able to go out on the field and get recognized.” said Evans. “Then we will have a dinner for them on Saturday night, and on Sunday they want to see some of the sights like we do with the kids in Atlanta like World of Coke and Stone Mountain. They will spend the night in Atlanta on Sunday, and then depart on Monday.”

Evans said that the high cost of airline tickets has really put a dent into the programs budget.

“One of the biggest things that are zapping our budget is airline tickets. We only ask that the kids supply a small portion of the price of the airline ticket. This year with the cost of air travel, it is so expensive.” explained Evans. “We are in the process of raising money for next year, plus we are hosting the 30th anniversary celebration so it is draining our budget.”

According to Evans, they are looking at some possible fundraising events in the near future, but nothing is set in stone as of yet. He said that they are accepting donations from those who are interested in donating.

If you would like to make a donation, you can write a check, and mail it or drop it off with Cindy Churney at Elberton City Hall.

The 30th Anniversary Celebration will take place in October of this year.