ElbertonNET Expanding Service Area Yet Again

January 25, 2013

ElbertonNET is starting off 2013 strong with upgraded internet service for customers, as well as a couple of expansion projects.

The new internet technology was put in place just after Thanksgiving, and it is now having the effect of lowering prices on the lower tiers of internet speed offered by ElbertonNET.

The plan moving forward, according to City Manager Lanier Dunn, is to phase out the lowest internet speed.

“We’re hoping that in the future that the broadband 6.0 plan will be our basic speed plan, and will replace the broadband 3.0 plan in the future”, said Dunn.

In conjunction with the internet improvements, ElbertonNET has also begun expanding into new areas of the county.

The first expansion project is already complete and includes the Fortsonia area off of the Washington Highway in the southern part of the county. Dunn said they are already taking customers on in the area.

The next area to receive ElbertonNET services will be in the northern half of the county; Dunn explains what areas they are targeting.

“We also have begun construction on the north side of Elbert County in the Plantation Road area”, said Dunn. “We are going to be serving a small part off of the Hartwell Highway, the services in that area should be active possibly by the end of February.”

These two projects are part of ElbertonNET’s goal to serve as many residents of Elbert County as possible.