ElbertonNET Internet Upgrades Rolling Out Later This Month

November 12, 2012

ElbertonNET is making leaps and bounds with its Internet service that is provided to its customers.

The new term is Wideband Internet, which is far superior to what is considered Broadband Internet. Elberton City Manager Lanier Dunn said that the new speeds that will be offered will be amongst the fastest in the country.

“Wideband Internet from ElbertonNET will change the way that customers use the Internet”, said Dunn. “It’s going to be one of the fastest, highest speed cable modem services in the country. We will offer five service plans, three of which will be faster than anything that we currently offer as of today.”

The new system will allow for download speeds up to eighty mega bits per second. Dunn said that the city invested close to $95,000 into this new technology.

“The investment is not to just increase Internet speeds. The increase in speeds is really a by product of the project”, explained Dunn. “The project was really done to increase capacity for existing customers so that the Internet traffic does not interfere with one another.

According to Dunn, ElbertonNET plans on offering the new speeds to customers around Thanksgiving.