ElbertonNET Looking to Expand Service Once Again

March 29, 2013

ElbertonNET is already looking to begin another expansion project, after coming off recent projects in the Fortsonia and Hartwell Highway/Plantation Road areas.

Elberton City Manager Lanier Dunn explains why the utility is looking to expand again so quickly.

“There are groups at the Georgia legislature that want to stop cities and counties from constructing their own internet systems, and we think this is wrong for Georgia and we are fighting it”, said Dunn. “However, we are realistic that one day they might get one of these laws through and put on the books. So if we are going to build, now might be the only time we can do it.”

A couple of different options were discussed during the city’s annual planning session this past weekend.

Dunn said that the council is leaning more towards expanding to the more rural areas of the county.

“The council has told me to go ahead and make preparations to serve the more rural areas that are not covered by another cable provider”, explained Dunn. “That market is smaller, but it is less competitive and we think the financial payback will be just as quick even though there are fewer homes.”

He describes in more detail where ElbertonNET is targeting.

“On the Athens Highway from where we stop at Jones Ferry Road going west, and then north on Nickville Road; it would also include the Nickville Road area in Dewy Rose and the Deep Creek area”, explained Dunn. “We are also looking at Pullium Mill Road and part of the Bowman Highway there in Dewy Rose.”

Another project that is in talks is a plan to run fiber optic cable from the city of Elberton to the city of Bowman to serve business and residential clients.

The city council is expected to make a decision on when and where to expand sometime before the summer months.