ElbertonNET Working on Internet Improvements for Customers

August 14, 2012

ElbertonNet is discussing ways to improve its’ Internet to local customers in Elbert County.

Elberton City Manager Lanier Dunn said that ElbertonNet is focused on upgrading the different speed plans that are available for its customers.

“Currently our fasted download speed is nine mega bits per second. Things continue to improve and upgrade, and we want to stay cutting edge. We want to make sure our customers in Elberton have access to the latest and greatest technology.” said Dunn. “Over the next five to six months we are going to be looking into and purchasing some equipment that will be able to increase our download speeds by a factor of ten.”

Dunn said that a majority of the work that would be required for the upgrade would take place at their main office located off of McIntosh Street.

“What we would need to upgrade would be the equipment at our home office off of McIntosh Street, and it’s the equipment that the modems in your home or business talks to, and that gives them access to the Internet. That equipment could cost as much as a $150,000. The updated equipment would be good for the next several years.” said Dunn.

In addition to the work at the main office, ElbertonNet is looking to expand its capacity as well, which will allow them to reach more customers and help keep the network from becoming too congested.

According to Dunn, more people than ever are able to access the Internet through many different types of devices.

“People are doing more and more over the Internet in their homes. They don’t just have a single computer anymore. You may have several computers in a home, and you may have people connected through their smart phones and tablets.” explained Dunn. “With all of these in the home, you need a bigger pipe to the outside world, and we want to provide that to our customers.”

As Dunn said earlier, these improvements will be occurring about five to six months from now.