EMH and AnMed Health Closing in on Affiliation Agreement

November 28, 2012

Elbert Memorial Hospital is in the home stretch of the affiliation process with AnMed Health, which is based out of Anderson, South Carolina.

During yesterday evening’s Hospital Authority meeting, Elbert Memorial CEO Jim Yarborough said that attorneys on both sides have come to terms on a deal they feel is favorable to both AnMed and Elbert Memorial.

Yarborough said that the drafting of the affiliation agreement has been an enduring process for both parties involved.

“We feel good that we have come a long way, and as you know it has been a slow process. There has been a lot of back and forth”, said Yarborough, “there has probably been between 15-20 drafts to get the document to where everyone feels that it is a win-win for parties.”

According to Yarborough, attorneys should have the draft submitted to the Georgia Attorney General’s office by the end of this week.