EMH Foundation’s Giving Campaign Exceeds Expectations

January 24, 2013

The Elbert Memorial Hospital Foundation’s 15th annual giving campaign has come to an end.

The final tally shows that the giving campaign brought in just shy of $16,500 this year. Executive Director of the Foundation Nancy Seymour, details what the money will go towards.

“The monies that we are going to use for those are going towards ICU renovations as well as ED equipment, over twelve thousand dollars will go towards that”, said Seymour. “The Founder’s Endowment will receive just a tad over three thousand dollars.”

The giving campaign began in November 2012 and wrapped up in the first part of January 2013. Seymour said that the amount of donations exceeded their expectations.

“We were thinking we would have about ten thousand dollars in donations, and we received sixteen thousand, so we were very pleased”, said Seymour.

She said the foundation is extremely thankful to the community and to those who made contributions this year.

“We just want to thank our donors and the community for their support for the foundation for the annual giving”, expressed Seymour, “and all that they do for us throughout the year.”

The Foundation’s Annual Giving Campaign is a 501c3 tax deductible charity, and helps benefit the Elbert Memorial Hospital.