EPD Consent Order on Bowman Officially Closed

August 29, 2012

Good news for the City of Bowman. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division consent order that was placed on the city back in 2010 for violations in the city’s wastewater retention ponds has been officially closed.

Bowman City Mayor Pamela Johnson told WSGC there is now nothing holding Bowman back from moving forward.

A lot of people have spent a lot of time on this project, but this will enable Bowman to move forward”, stated Johnson, “We are now able to serve any new citizens or any new industry who might want to come and connect to our ponds.”

According to Mayor Johnson, the project to get the city’s ponds back up to code has cost the city just over $200,000; which does not factor in the initial fines from the Georgia EPD.

$50,000 of the overall cost was paid from an Immediate Threat and Danger grant provided by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

Mayor Johnson said she is very grateful for those who have worked on the project.

“This means a lot to the city; not only in compliance, but also in economic development. I am very pleased, and I would like to thank everyone who worked on that project”, said Johnson.

The consent order was officially closed on August 14th, and the closing was revealed during Monday night’s Bowman City Council meeting.