Error at Local Gas Station Leads to Forty Cent a Gallon Gas

September 5, 2012

It’s back to business as usual at the Stop and Shop gas station located off the Bowman Highway, after an error at the pumps late last week led to an overflowing of customers to the store.

The error that you may be wondering about listed the price of the store’s Mid-Grade gasoline at forty cents a gallon, when in fact the actual price was supposed to be four dollars and nine cents a gallon.

According to the store’s owner, the extremely low price point went unnoticed by attendants at the store for nearly an hour and a half. One customer was able to purchase over forty gallons of gas for less than twenty dollars.

When was all said and done, the error was finally corrected, but not before the store lost a lot of money in that short hour and a half window.