Excellent Weather Expected for Independence Day Weekend, No Real Impact from Hurricane Arthur

July 3, 2014

From tropical storm to hurricane, Arthur is churning off the Georgia coast making its way up to the Carolinas.

State Climatologist and Meteorologist Bill Murphey explains what impact, if any, that Arthur will have on us here in Georgia.

“As far as precip goes, not much”, said Murphey. “I would anticipate winds to pick up just a bit as that storm passing, so that should increase our wind speeds a little bit.”

Even though Murphey isn’t expecting any precipitation heading into the weekend, he does say that the possibility of a random shower or thundershower popping up isn’t out of the question.

Another thing that may have been noticeable the last few days is a particular “haze” our area has been in.

Murphey says the Saharan Desert in Africa is responsible for that.

“Some of that believe it or not is the Saharan dust layer getting wrapped up ahead of Arthur coming all the way across the Atlantic, and as Arthur is moving up it’s getting wrapped up in a little bit of the circulation, sort of putting that air over Georgia”, said Murhpey. “It is turning into a bit of a regional episode.”

The good news for our Independence Day Weekend is that, at the moment, there is no chance of rain the forecast until Tuesday.

Murphey says you can expect sunny skies this weekend, with temperatures hovering around the 90 degree area.