Farm of the Year Award Presented to the Bobby Eavenson Farm

November 13, 2012

Late last week the Elberton Kiwanis Club in conjunction with the Elbert County Chamber of Commerce sponsored the annual Farm/City Banquet.

Highlight the evening was the recognition of the farm of the year. The award was presented to the Bobby Eavenson Farm.

Mr. Bobby Eavenson was one of the first farmers in the area to discover the kudzu bug in soybeans and since, he has played a key role in assisting the Cooperative Extension with researching the methods to control the bug in soybeans, and limit the impact the bug could have on Georgia Agriculture.

Mr. Eavenson’s cooperation and assistance has given farmers from Elbert County, the State of Georgia, and the Southeastern United States the opportunity to see what impact the bug can have, and the patience needed to monitor and control its development.

His assistance has also led to the discovery of certain control methods that will save farmers in the Southeast millions of dollars during a time when costs are at an all time high.