February Elbert County School System Classified Employee of the Month Revealed

February 26, 2014

The new tradition of honoring a classified employee of the month continued at Monday’s Elbert County Board of Education meeting.

Classified employee of the month was first started to honor those employees who aren’t teachers or administrators for their contributions to the Elbert County School District.

Mrs. Debra Moore was on hand to present February’s award, and talked about what initially caused her to nominate this month’s recipient.

“She manages the students on her bus route so well. I did some training at the bus shop with all the drivers in the system, and through that I realized this person is a mentor to the other drivers”, said Moore. “She is doing the training that I gave, even before she knew it was a national standard way to handle parents and children.”

Continuing with her presentation, Moore said that’s not all that this person had done, as she also serves as a parapro at Elbert County Elementary.

“From year to year I always have to look at the needs and make changes, and she has been changed so many times, always with a wonderful attitude. She just never complains, and is so reasonable and always wants to do whatever she can do to help the students”, said Moore.

February’s Classified Employee of the Month award was presented to Mrs. Patricia Downer.

Mrs. Downer is set to retire at the end of the 2013-2014 school year.